QE/IPCE Systems

LED based Quantum Efficiency Metrology Tools.

•    Spectral range 280 – 1800 nm
•    Modular setup for maximum flexibility
•    Single and multi-junction devices
•    EQE and IQE capabilities
•    Long life LED light engine with zero warm up time

Abet Technologies offers a range of standard EQE and IQE measurement systems. Model QE-1100 is configured with the most useful components for single junction devices. It has a 350 – 1100 nm range. The QE-1800 is configured with components most useful for components for triple junction cells. Beyond the standard systems offered systems can be custom configured to meet a customer’s metrology needs.

To read more about these systems please follow the link below to a publication on the Abet Technologies website.

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QE/IPCE Systems