Calibrated Solar Reference Cells

The Abet Technologies solar reference cell is a precision instrument for the determination of solar simulator irradiance levels. The sensor is a mono-crystalline silicon solar cell having an area of 2x2cm (4cm). The back of the solar cell is attached to the device in such a way that a good heat transfer to the device housing is guaranteed. Below the solar cell a Pt100 RTD temperature sensor is mounted to allow monitoring of device temperature. The device is not shunted allowing the whole IV-curve to be measured. The solar cell is protected by a high quality fused silica window, assuring spectral sensitivity over a 320 -1100 nm range.

Each reference solar cell is delivered with a calibration report showing the IV-curve plot and the following parameters: Isc, Voc, I, Vmpp, Fill Factor and Efficiency. Standard Cells ship with a fused silica window.

Please review the full range on the Abet Technologies website, we will be pleased to provide specific details on the products you are interested in and look forward to being able to help you.

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Calibrated Solar Reference Cells