Lumatec Liquid Light Guides

Lumatec is a pioneer in liquid light guide technology.

The invention of the world's first biconical monofibre by Lumatec for high power lasers made possible several new therapies in modern medicine, the most prominent being the gastrointestinal arrest of bleedings and laser treatment of cancer in urology.

The Liquid Lightguide product range replaces glass and quartz fibers by liquid and has set completely new standards for transmission efficiency. Outstanding properties, especially in the ultraviolet spectrum have opened up a whole new range of applications for the optical and photonics industry.

Over the years the product line has been diversified and refined to cover the spectrum from 250nm to 2000nm.

Ultraviolet Lightsources have also been part of Lumatec's product line since its foundation. In combination with Liquid Lightguides they have served as an invaluable basis for the exploration of new UV applications and technologies in dentistry, medicine, and industry.

Please review the full range on the Lumatec website, we will be pleased to provide specific details on the products you are interested in and look forward to being able to help you.

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Lumatec Liquid Light Guides