Arc Lamps

Since 1957, Superior Quartz Products has manufactured quality quartz lamps. Master craftsman rework technically pure grade amorphorous non-crystalline silicone dioxide (quartz) with meticulous patience into a unique product.

This quartz construction has resulted in the most durable, stable and longest lasting lamps available. Depending on which type of construction, a lamp is capable of generating an abundance of ultraviolet, visible or infrared spectral ranges.

These lamps are used for spectroscopy, solar simulation, polymerization, halogenation, chlorination, photo-chemical reaction, UV Curing and drying, diazo printing, semi-conductor and circuit board manufacturing, cinema projection and stage lighting, military guidance and micro-organism disinfection industries.

Please review the full range on the Superior Quartz website, we will be pleased to provide specific details on the products you are interested in and look forward to being able to help you.

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Arc Lamps