Reflecting Microscope Objectives

Ealing Reflecting Microscope Objectives are known for their unique optical properties. Because of their all-reflecting construction, they are free from chromatic aberration. The system consists of a small convex primary mirror and a larger concave secondary mirror. By choosing appropriate values for the mirror radii of curvature and their separation, it is possible to correct three of the primary monochromatic aberrations for the system. The aberrations that are corrected are the primary spherical aberration, primary coma and primary astigmatism.

In addition to their correction for monochromatic aberrations, Reflecting Microscope Objectives have many advantages over refracting objectives of equivalent aperture and focal length.

  • Ideal for laser beam delivery
  • Freedom from chromatic aberration
  • Long working distances with high magnifications
  • Large numerical aperture
Reflecting Microscope Objectives