Apertures & Pinholes

Rectangular Apertures can be used to define the boundaries of an optical path or to mask out specific areas in an optical system, for example on a test target, monochromator, CCD or a detector. They are constructed from four independently-controlled brass knife edge jaws, that can be adjusted from fully closed to an area 12 mm square on the aperture unit. A separate friction drive to each jaw prevents overdrive and consequent damage to the knife edges.

Ealing UV/Visible Laser Pinholes are specifically designed to work with most UV and visible lasers, such as Ar Ion, HeNe, or Kr. They are made from a specially developed molybdenum alloy, allowing for high power CW usage. Typical applications include spatial filtering and holography. They are supplied in either 16mm or 25mm diameter mounts. Infra-red Pinholes are for use with YAG and CO2 lasers. They are capable of withstanding high power densities of up to 50MW/CM2.

A full range of apertures and pinholes can be found on the Ealing website here.

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Apertures & Pinholes