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11th February 2016

Wey Scientific offers complete tool kit of solar cell characterization instruments from Abet Technologies.

The Abet product line includes a wide range of illuminated area solar simulators from 35 mm diameter to over 350 x 350 mm. Class AAA solar simulators are complemented by less expensive Class B uniformity simulators when test needs are less stringent.

In addition to an extensive line of solar simulators, we offer from Abet a
wide range of test solutions for just about any cell material or contact geometry from traditional top/bottom contacts solar cells to multi-junction device cells on a single substrate, glass sandwich geometries or bottom/bottom contact. The recent addition of integrated quantum
efficiency metrology systems completes our tool set of solar cell characterization tools.

For an at-a-glance review of their range, please see their Product Line Catalogue on their website. This 32-page catalogue describes all the
current products as well as recent new products.

Abet Technologies are dedicated to designing and manufacturing instruments for photovoltaics research and production, they manufacture
UV exposure systems and research sources that are not only simple, intuitive, and easy to use, but loaded with performance enhancing features - all with cost efficiency in mind.

All photovoltaic researchers and product test engineers are strongly encouraged to visit the Abet website at www.abet-technologies.com and to review the Product Line Catalogue via www.weyscientific.com/abetcat to learn how Abet can help them meet their goals.

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11th February 2014

Wey Scientific is Europe’s key distribution point for Ealing Opto-mechanical components.

Ealing Catalog’s European distributor, Wey Scientific, is pleased to announce their increased stock holding of a wide variety of most commonly purchased Ealing opto-mechanics – now available for immediate delivery to customers all around Europe.
This investment in stock has been made possible from an initiative of the new owners of Ealing Catalog which was recently acquired by Hyland Optical Technologies. Philip Crowley, President of Hyland Optical Technologies comments: “As a valued customer you will benefit from our dedicated customer service,sales and support staff, supporting our distributors around the World, as well as new product initiatives”.
As a result of Wey’s investment, clients can look forward to a significant reduction in order delivery times. New customers can on arrangement negotiate for their specific items to be included in this stockholding if order frequency meets a minimum requirement.
The team at Wey Scientific is proud to include the Ealing brand as part of their product portfolio. Ealing is a leading and well known manufacturer and supplier of opto-mechanics, microscope objectives and optical components.