Motorised Micropositioners

Most of the Ealing range of Manual Micropositioners can be fitted with
either MotorDrivers™ or EncoderDrivers™, providing motorised sub-micrometer control of the stage at low cost. They simply replace the normal manual micrometer head fitted to the stage. MotorDrivers allow remote control of a stage when used in conjunction with a MotorDriver Control Unit and suitable Power Supply. They can also improve the resolution of a linear stage, resolving 0.1 micron for one press of the
control button.  

EncoderDrivers convert a manual stage to a computer-programmable micropositioner capable of sub-micrometer resolution. Up to eight stages with EncoderDrivers may be controlled from a PC with one Drive Card and eight Plug-In Modules installed.  

Stage compatibility data for MotorDrivers and EncoderDrivers is given in the individual stage information.

To assist you in selection of your Motorised Positioner please see the PDF here:

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