Quantum Efficiency Systems

Our Abet Technologies new for 2017 Quantum Efficiency tools ship in many flavours making them completely adaptable to the customer’s metrology needs.

The advanced LED based light source offers stable, long life performance. Choose the spectral range of interest to you and the source will be populated to match your needs.
No chopper or order sorting filters are required thus making the system more affordable.

A monitor cell is used use in every scan to assure data accuracy and reproducibility. Use the included reference cell for specular reflectivity measurement to obtain an IQE estimate. The included DC mode electronics and completely dark enclosure allow QE metrology on organic cells and other slow response materials. Computer controlled multi-colour bias lights and voltage bias option allows multi-junction cells biasing. System design flexibility allows testing of a wide variety of cell types. A partial listing includes: poly silicon, c‐Si, mc‐Si, nc-Si, III-V compound cells; thin film: Perovskites, CdTe, CIS, CIGS, SI; 3rd generation: organic polymer, dye. XY scan and multiplexer options offer automated EQE map generation or multiple devices scanning.

Please review the full range on the Abet Technologies website, we will be pleased to provide specific details on the products you are interested in and look forward to being able to help you.

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QE/IPCE Systems

Abet Technologies offers a range of standard EQE and IQE measurement systems. Model QE-1100 is configured with the most useful components for single junction devices. It has a 350 – 1100 nm range. The QE-1800 is configured with components most useful for components for triple junction cells. Beyond the standard systems offered systems can be custom configured to meet a customer’s metrology needs.