Liquid Light Guides

Liquid light guides are  superior in their transmission to light guides made of silica fibre bundles by the very nature of their design.

A liquid light guide is much like a single silica fibre with a very large diameter.

It has the cross-section of an open pipe, transmitting light with total reflectance using all the space available.

This is why our liquid light guides are able to deliver light with much greater intensity to the target object.

They are the perfect solutions for applications that demand uniform, high-intensity light.

We offer devices designed for diverse spectra ranging from ultraviolet to infrared and a broad selection of end fittings.

Please review the full range on the Lumatec website, we will be pleased to provide specific details on the products you are interested in and look forward to being able to help you.

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Lumatec Liquid Light Guides

The Liquid Lightguide product range replaces glass and quartz fibers by liquid. The product line covers the spectrum from 250nm to 2000nm.